Monday, August 19, 2013

Akathisia: A Tribute To Homicide, Suicide, and Other 'Random Acts' of Psychiatrically CAUSED, 'Mental Health'.

Let's review that Murder and Suicide inducing Direct Effect of Psychiatry's Antipsychotic Neurotoxins: Akathisia.

This next one's Special, because people who are actually Less Likely to become violent BEFORE being Quacked and Skulled by Psychiatry, . . . Go Off, AFTER being made 'Mentally Healthy'.

"People who are classified as SMI i.e. with schizophrenia or bipolar often experience violent incidents following a diagnosis of SMI, even though they don’t consume alcohol or use street drugs, nor having a past history of violence or command hallucinations to harm others."


Observations in prison have also associated neuroleptic treatment with increased aggressive behaviour. Inmates were better able to control their aggression until they were prescribed neuroleptics and then the aggression rate almost tripled.12

And as you'd expect, when he isn't off playing golf Fearless Leader is right on top of it.

This brief listing is by no means even the Tip of the 'Mental Health' Iceberg. 

We'll have more coming, as sure as our current Imperial DC Regime will commit more of the Waste, Fraud, and Abuse we've barely scratched the Tip of the Iceberg on.

And How much money that We Don't Have is Congress 'Investing In The Future' to keep this Corpse Reeking Racket on its feet?

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