Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Poll: Only 11% Believe Obama's Promise To Curtail Domestic Spying

Poll: Only 11% Believe Obama's Promise To Curtail Domestic Spying
Probably because he’s full of shit.

Despite President Obama’s pledge  to increase transparency and curb certain aspects of the National Security Agency’s surveillance program, a new Rasmussen poll shows the vast majority of Americans still need some convincing.
Only 11 percent of 1,000 likely voters polled believe the “president’s new policy” will make it less likely that the NSA will monitor the private phone calls of ordinary Americans.
Thirty percent actually believe the government is now more likely to spy on domestic phone calls, while a whopping 49 percent feel Friday’s announcement will do little to change the surveillance program.
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Thank You Daily Caller, Rasmussen and Zip.


Yes, Dear Readers, This, . . . is the Leader of the Free World.

Missed The Hole By That Much, . . .

Round 135. On a scale of one to ten of ridiculous presidential pics, this has got to be at least an eight…
President Barack Obama is teeing off his Martha’s Vineyard vacation with his favorite pastime – golfing. But he had a rough start, as reporters – given a rare glimpse of the president’s golf game – watched him overshoot the first hole by about 15 feet.
He then missed his first putt and reacted by leaning back, kicking his knee up and letting out an ‘Ooooh.’ His next putt was also a miss and his third finally made it in the hole.
Obama hit the Farm Neck Golf Club for his first outing of a weeklong stay on the exclusive Massachusetts island where he arrived Saturday afternoon. The course is open to the public and overlooks Nantucket Sound.
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Would you buy a Used Car from this man, much less open heart surgery?

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