Monday, August 26, 2013

OFA (Obamabots) Unable To Draw A Single Protestor To GOP Congressman's Townhall

OFA (Obamabots) Unable To Draw A Single Protestor To GOP Congressman's Townhall

ALLOWAY, N.J. (WTSP) – Republican Rep. Frank LoBiondo represents a South Jersey congressional district with a sizable Hispanic population, farmlands that employ migrant workers, an influential labor union presence and a constituency that voted twice for President Obama.
He’s precisely the kind of GOP lawmaker immigration advocates said they would target over the August recess, when members of Congress return home for the longest stretch of the year.
But at a local Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting and a Rotary Club luncheon on Thursday, immigration was never mentioned.
The 10-term incumbent met with constituents in open forums where he fielded questions on the economy, the implementation of Obama’s health care law, unrest in the Middle East and even how to improve local infrastructure to ease traffic to the Jersey shore.
It’s not because advocates aren’t trying. LoBiondo has not staked out any hard-line positions on immigration, and his is one of 17 congressional districts the House Democrats’ campaign operation said they would target on immigration in August with “media tactics, messaging amplification and community outreach,” according to a memo.
Last week, Organizing for Action, an outside political group promoting Obama’s agenda, used its local New Jersey Twitter account in an effort to organize supporters to appear at a LoBiondo event in Cape May to show support for an immigration overhaul. Jason Galanes, LoBiondo’s spokesman, notified event organizers and local police that protesters might be in attendance. It was not necessary. “No one showed up,” Galanes said.
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Thank You WTSP and Zip.
Even the Obamabots are depressed. They Got what they wanted in Obama, Exactly what they wanted, and in being implemented it's dragging the entire Country down in Ruin.
They have Nothing to celebrate, They have Nothing to shout about. 
Their Guy has done Everything They believed would bring about Utopia. 
It certainly took them long enough to come to the party.

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