Saturday, August 3, 2013

Medicaid Fraud: Planned Parenthood Guilty, Ordered To Pay $4.3 Million: Media Ignores Story

Media Ignores Planned Parenthood Found Guilty Of Medicaid Fraud, Ordered To Pay $4.3 Million

According to the Heritage Network, Planned Parenthood receives over half a billion in taxpayer dollars.
In the first week of February 2012, the Big Three networks lunged to the defense of Planned Parenthood when the Susan G. Komen Foundation (very temporarily) withdrew its donation to abortion giant (about $680,000 the previous year). Network reporters whacked Komen, promoting “outrage and disappointment engulfing the Internet.”
But Mollie Hemingway of Get Religion pointed out that Planned Parenthood in Texas was recently forced to pay the state of Texas $4.3 million for Medicaid fraud. Where was the “outrage and disappointment” engulfing the media? The networks didn’t notice. Even the local newspaper coverage was terrible.
Hemingway noticed two small wire-service bulletins and ten reports from pro-life and Christian websites represented the media coverage.
Good for Reuters, I guess? Their story frames the fraud charge not as part of a national fraud problem for the abortion provider but as just the latest in a battle between Republican legislators and the abortion provider. But, again, at least they mentioned it. As for the Associated Press, their story is seven sentences long, includes no quotes, and could not be drier or less interesting if it tried.
It didn’t come up in my Google search but I thought I’d see about any stories in The Houston Chronicle. Well, that newsroom did report on it, sort of.
There’s a whopping four-paragraph story headlined “Planned Parenthood finalizes $4.3 million lawsuit settlement.” That was an update of the earlier story they ran — the seven-sentence AP story that said the settlement was $1.3 million. Way to put those local resources to work, fellas!
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Thank You Newsbusters and Zip

So where's all this FREE, Obamunist 'Healthcare' for the unborn? 

CBO: Uninsured Under ObamaCare NEVER Falls Below 30 Million

Everybody Else has to be subjected to it or penalized by the IRS for not buying it.

IRS Commissioner #1: I Don't Want ObamaCare, IRS Commissioner #2: I'm Taking The 5th Amendment

But then, abortion is "Sacred".

Whose credentials are:

Half a Billion Public Dollars, and where's the media?

But then, there's more important issues needing Public Monies in Madame Pelosi's District.

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