Thursday, August 29, 2013

Syria: Obama Pisses Off The Russians, They Send Warships.

Egypt, Libya, Syria. How many More pieces of foreign policy stupid can this Administration commit?

We do not have a dog in this fight. There are no good guys in the Syrian Civil War. Now he's Pissing Off the Russians too: the President who promised to bring the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan, and close Gitmo.

Russia Sending Warships To The Mediterranean To Counter Buildup of U.S. Naval Forces Preparing For Attack On Syria:

So much for that reset button.
MOSCOW, Aug 29 (Reuters) – Russia is sending two warships to the east Mediterranean, Interfax news agency said on Thursday, but Moscow denied this meant it was beefing up its naval force there as Western powers prepare for military action against Syria.
Interfax quoted a source in the armed forces’ general staff as saying Russia, Syria’s most powerful ally, was deploying a missile cruiser from the Black Sea Fleet and a large anti-submarine ship from the Northern Fleet in the “coming days”.
Any strengthening of the navy’s presence could fuel tension, especially as the United States has said it is repositioning naval forces in the Mediterranean following an alleged chemical weapons attack which it blames on Syrian government forces.
“The well-known situation now in the eastern Mediterranean required us to make some adjustments to the naval force,” the source said in a reference to the events in Syria.
It was not clear when the vessels would arrive but Interfax said the Moskva missile cruiser was currently in the North Atlantic and would set sail in the next few days.
Thank You Reuters and Zip.

An absolute Master:

weaselzippers again:
Report: Putin "Infuriated" With Obama For Describing Him as A "Bored Kid"

No surprise.
Via NY Times:
President Vladimir V. Putin has conspicuously avoided public comment on reports of a chemical weapons attack on civilians outside of Damascus, the Syrian capital, on Aug. 21, which killed hundreds of people. Instead he has carried on, like many ordinary Russians, as if the civil war in Syria had not reached an ominous new phase. In the days after the attack, Mr. Putin attended a ceremony for the restoration of a fountain made famous in World War II, visited a breakaway province of neighboring Georgia and toured a mine and dam in Siberia. [...]
Suspicion of President Obama only intensified after his decision to scuttle a summit meeting next week in Moscow and to describe Mr. Putin in unusually personal terms at a news conference, saying his body language often made him look “like the bored kid in the back of the classroom.”
Though Mr. Obama went on to say that their interactions were often constructive, the comment infuriated Mr. Putin, according to one Russian official not authorized to be quoted by name.

Hey Vladimir; don't take it too personally. He feels that way about the American people too.

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