Thursday, August 22, 2013

Obama: "At Some Point, The Government Will Run Out Of Money" BWAHAHAHA, Gasp, Wheeze,

Obama: "At Some Point, The Government Will Run Out Of Money"

Actually, Barack, you spent it all.

[M]r. Obama, speaking at the State University of New York-Buffalo, said he’ll cap student loan repayments at 10 percent of their future paychecks, but will also take steps to punish students who are attending school on federal grants by doling out the money in chunks to make sure they stay in school.
Mr. Obama said the government and colleges have been in a type of arms race in recent years, with the government boosting its contributions and schools raising their prices.
“So some point, the government will run out of money, which means more and more costs are being loaded on to students and their families,” the president said.
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Thank You Wash Times, Drudge and Zip.

This is Our very own, and may God have Mercy on us, Uber Golfing Fearless Leader: The Man, The Myth, The Legend:

WH: Obama Looking "To Fundamentally Rethink and Reshape" Higher Education.

It's no wonder our current system of Higher Education keeps churning out Social(ist) Workers,  Psychologists, and Psychiatrists.

"So Some Point, the Government is going to run out of money."

How the Hell does one respond to the jaw-dropping, patronizing, condescension of such a statement without resorting to profanity?

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