Monday, August 11, 2014

UN Preparing To Fight Islamic State Jihadists With A "Strongly Worded" Letter.

You might as well fold now, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, nobody can withstand the awesome power of the strongly worded letter.
The UN Security Council on Monday began fine tuning a draft resolution aimed at choking off the flow of foreign fighters and financial support to jihadists in Iraq and Syria.
Fighters from the extremist Islamic State (IS) have made dramatic gains in Iraq, prompting US President Barack Obama to order air strikes to halt their advance and air drops to help tens of thousands of fleeing civilians.
Experts from the 15-nation council met Monday to discuss the measure proposed by Britain with a view to adopting a strongly-worded text this week, sources said.
An early draft of the resolution seen by AFP threatens to draw up a sanctions black list of individuals, groups and entities who support the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), which has since renamed itself simply Islamic State, and the Al-Nusrah Front in Syria.
The council accuses the jihadists of carrying out atrocities, citing the targeting of civilians in Syria and mass executions, extrajudicial killings of Iraqi soldiers and targeted persecutions of religious minorities in Iraq.
It warned that such attacks may constitute a crime against humanity.
The draft resolution states that the Council is acting under chapter VII of the UN charter, which means the measures could be enforced by military force or economic sanctions.

Thank You Times of Israel and Zip. 

Letter begins around 1:30.

So, . . . . would anyone like to explain to us what Possible Benefit, and to Whom it would accrue if the United States were to sign on to the United Nations Disability Treaty, . . . 

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