Thursday, August 21, 2014

California Patient Tested For Ebola

Oh Great.

No word on where the patient came into contact with the Ebola virus.
A patient admitted to the Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento Medical Center is undergoing tests for the Ebola virus, hospital officials said Tuesday evening.
Kaiser Permanente took a blood sample from the patient that was subsequently sent by the Sacramento County Public Health Lab to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
It is expected to take several days to determine whether the patient, who may have been exposed to Ebola, has the virus, according to a statement from the Sacramento County Department of Health and Human Services.
In a statement, Dr. Stephen M. Parodi, infectious diseases specialist at Kaiser, said the patient is being kept in isolation in a specially equipped negative pressure room, and staff is using protective equipment. [...]
The CDC says the risk of a traveler bringing Ebola into the U.S. is small, but there have been other patients tested around the country. A teacher in New Mexico is currently being kept in isolation as the CDC processes her blood test.
Thank You Fresno Bee and Dapandico.
We've had civil rights, tax, and other economic plagues to rival any Moses visited upon Pharoah since 2008. 
Obama's Legacy. 2 more years. Open Borders.
An Ebola epidemic.

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