Wednesday, August 20, 2014

So Now Whose Nutz? Teen Arrested For Shooting A Dinosaur In A Story He Wrote For School

Well, if Steven Spielberg can do it, why not this kid?

Via Reason:
Now that summer is over and school is starting up again, it’s time for the torrent of ridiculous “zero tolerance” suspensions and arrests to resume.
Summerville High School in Summerville, South Carolina, is wasting no time: A 16-year-old student was arrested and suspended for writing a story in which he used a gun to kill a dinosaur. The student, Alex Stone, was assigned by a teacher to write a story about himself. Stone chose to embellish his story with obviously fictional details, like dinosaurs. But the teacher saw the word “gun” and the rest is history, according to NBC-12:

Thank You Reason and Nickarama. 

But the Dept of Agriculture needs Body Armor Wearing, Sub-Machine Gun toting Agents.

Govt. (USDA) Wants $30K Shopping Carts to Tell Food Stampers To Eat Healthy, After Ordering Submachine Guns With 30 Round Magazines: UPDATE, Also Wants Body Armor

Are we beginning to see a Pattern here, yet?

High School Student Suspended For Saying "Bless You" After Classmate Sneezed.

And it wouldn't surprise us one bit if both these kids were required to undergo 'Mental Health' Counseling/Condemnation when they return to these monkey cages called Public Schools.

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