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The Depths Of Obama's Evil: More Young Adults Receiving Mental Health Treatment, & A Govt. Engineered Race Riot

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More young adults have been receiving treatment for mental health conditions since the ACA allowed them to remain on their parents' plans until they turn 26 years old. According to a study published in the September issue of Health Affairs,uninsured visits to mental health providers decreased by 12.4 percent, while the number of visits paid by private insurers rose by 12.9 percent. "This is a first glimpse--an early look at what's happening," Brendan Saloner, an assistant professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health who led the study, told NPR's Shots. To help more young adults receive the needed mental healthcare, insurers can include an adequate number of mental health providers in their networks, Saloner said. "And the other thing is making sure people who have transitory health insurance --like young adults who are using their parents' plans--can maintain continuity with their providers over time," she added. "That way people get access to a mental health provider, they can stay with the treatment."Article

Nobody but the people Selling this garbage get Cured. The marks get Diagnosed, Drugged/Shocked, Disabled and stripped of their Rights as 'Incurable'.

More of the Productive Sector of Civilization - those who actually pay for it - become a Financial Encumbrance upon it.

It's All already prohibited by Law.
The Law (9)

The Treatments Don't Work.
The Drugs Don't Work (10)
ECT: Cost/Benefit Analysis So Poor, It's Use Cannot Be Justified

The drugs Create a perceived need for More Police State style Law Enforcement.
Violence (15)

This is Obama's 'Remaking America'.

Race Baiting from the Oval Office and Attorney General on down the line, Every kid the Mental Health crowd can catch and Drug:

Akathisia (6)

If You Refuse their vision of 'Mental Health':

Maryanne Godboldo

Because, Big Government knows best.

Curfew And State of Emergency Declared In Ferguson

Military Policing And Jackboots In Ferguson - An America With A Paramilitary Police Culture. 

But Ferguson is a Race Riot, not a Psychiatric Riot, and Damnit All, These People have Grievances/S.

Report: Cop Who Shot Michael Brown (Severely) Beaten, Taken To Hospital After Incident

Ferguson: New York Times Buries News Of Officer Wilson's Injury

Larry Elder: MSM, Democrats Exploit Michael Brown's Death To Keep Black People Pissed Off

Report:  Only 3 of 78 Arrested Protestors Were Ferguson Residents

So Come One, Come All to Ferguson Mo. to loot your own FREE Stuff from someone else's store and play right into the snare your political Masters have set for you: a 3rd World, Militarized Police State.

The more discord and confusion Central Command sows, the easier it gets for CentCom to justify Militarizing all of our civilian Police Agencies.       

This Govt. engineered Riot is just one more spot on the Obama/Collectivist Political Continuum.

Back to the Increase in Psych consumption story:

We have commented elsewhere.
Use of Psychiatric Services Increasing Nationally

"So is the National Debt.
Wouldn’t you love to see a Study from a Prestigious University of the effects of economic collapse causing Most of the human discomforts Psychiatry declares are incurable Personal Illnesses?

Obama is the 1984 Orwell warned us about. 

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