Thursday, August 28, 2014

California Nurses Call on Hospitals To Follow CDC Protocol After Ebola Scare

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California nurses called on federal, state and county health agencies to strictly follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for treating Ebola, after a Sacramento hospital admitted a patient suspected of being exposed to the virus, FOX 40 reported. The California Nurses Association/National Nurses United representatives said they were concerned with Kaiser South Sacramento Medical Center's preparedness, including a lack adequate supplies of personal protection equipment, as well as protocols and materials. "This brings a lot of concern to the front-line staff because it's unprecedented," Mia Pinto-Ochoa, a nurse at Kaiser South Sacramento and a member of CNA/NNU, told the station. "We have never dealt with the Ebola virus specifically before." Article

Thank You Ms Sullivan and Fierce Healthcare.

And the Nurses are getting all worked up about their Own sweet little selves, because they couldn't care Less about anyone Else's safety:

Hospitals Report Only 1% Of Patient Harm Events

98% of Hospital Patients Unaware Of Medication Errors

Medical Ethics (41)

Misprision of Felony
Accessory After The Fact

Are you feeling little icicles on the back of your neck, yet?

Why are we even Dealing with Ebola in the U.S. ?

The Federal Govt's own CDC?

The same idiots who brought 2 Ebola Patients back into the U.S. from Africa.

Ebola patients coming to America | Worst outbreak ever

Two U.S. Patients Recover from Ebola, Discharged from Hospital ...

The same Federal Govt. who has blown over $1.7 Billion on a single E-Commerce website that Still doesn't work right?

According to Rep Pelosi, the human wave of illegal immigrants who include MS-13 members, on the Obama Fastrack to Amnesty, are;

Pelosi Again Compares Illegal Immigrant Minors To Baby Jesus

Third time by my count.
Via Breitbart:
Pelosi noted that sending the children back to their home countries would be like sending them “back into a burning building.”
She again compared the children to the baby Jesus, who fled his home country as an infant to escape violence.
“So we do appeal to our country and our colleagues to have a heart when it comes to people coming into our country, some seeking amnesty and asylum to escape violence in Central America or wherever they come from,” she said.

Thank You Breitbart and Zip.

Somehow, we Missed that part of the New Testament.

And now California's Brain Trust can't even rise to the CDC's standards.

We are going to have a completely avoidable Ebola Epidemic in this country thanks to this Mal-Administration.

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