Monday, August 25, 2014

ObamaCare Now Covers Gender Reassignment Surgeries

Oh for Chrissakes
How is mutilating a person’s genitals considered “health care?”
Via Breitbart:
Transgender Americans seeking gender reassignment surgeries are finding relief through Obamacare, The Daily Beast reported on Monday. Federal laws banning health insurance discrimination against transgender people, combined with Obamacare’s ban on denying coverage for those with pre-existing conditions, have paved a path for transgender patients who wish to make the transition from one gender to another.
“The federal anti-discrimination regulations have yet to be written, but California insurance regulators have said that companies must treat transgender patients the same as other patients,” reports The Daily Beast. “For example, if plans cover hormones for post-menopausal women, they must also cover them for transgender women. Medicare, the program for the elderly and disabled, lifted its ban on covering sex reassignment surgery earlier this year.”

Thank You Breitbart and Zip.

California. It Figures.

How about asking the people in DC and Sacramento responsible for this How it fits in with their multicultural white wash of the Religion of Peace crowd who've been stoning gays to death, beheading them, tying people between cars and tearing them in two, cutting them in half with swords, burying them alive, and on and on.

Try selling this in Saudi Arabia. 

Aside from it being a supreme piece of Vote Whoring Fiscal Idiocy, it further weakens our presence on the World stage under His Eminence the Lord High Golfer. 

This ought to impress the living BeJeezus out of ISIS. 

Al-Shabaab Jihadists Kidnap 4 Men In Kenya, Release The 3 Muslims, Behead The Christian

ISIS "Humiliates" Assad After Overrunning Major Syrian Army Base, Beheads Soldiers And Displays Their Heads In Raqqa

ISIS Savages Now Crucifying Kids

And the President of the United States Responded How?

How Obama Spent His Two Week Vacation

Take a wild guess, what activity do you think Obama spent the most time doing?
Via CBS News’ Mark Knoller:
How Pres Obama spent his Martha’s Vineyard vacation:
-All or part of 15 days
-9 rounds of golf
-2 beach visits
-9 foreign leader phone calls
-1 Dem fundraiser
-3 on-camera statements: Iraq; Iraq & Ferguson; ISIL execution of American.
-6 nights out: 4 dinners, 1 jazz show, 1 birthday party.
-1 family bike ride
-2 hikes

Thank You Mr Knoller and Zip. 

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