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Doctors Fear For Medicine's Future

Front Page Mag has;
Doctors Fear For Medicine's Future
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"In a new national poll, doctors say they must now decide if they can continue practicing medicine in their patients’ best interest or bow to bureaucratically-set restrictions that take precedence over patient necessities. Another stark choice some doctors ponder is: Can I afford to quit medicine altogether? The language of respondents is stark and often angry.

The survey of 36,000 physicians by the Doctor Patient Medical Association Foundation (DPMAF), with a better than average return, revealed a most disturbing future for the health care of all Americans.
Doctors responded from 45 states. (130 didn’t identify their specific geographical location). Most (81 percent) were in small group practice. Most have been in practice for from 11 to 30 years. The survey, conducted by fax and online, was completed in June. Of those responding:
90 percent say the medical system is “on the wrong track.”
  • 83 percent say they are “thinking about quitting.”
  • 61 percent said the system “challenges their ethics.”
  • 70 percent say “reducing government would be the single best fix.”
A Texas Orthopedist wrote, “I have been in practice 28 years and medicine is now the worst for doctors it has ever been.”  A Wisconsin anesthesiologist wrote, “I would not consider letting my teenagers become physicians.” A Kansas sports medicine doctor wrote: “Medicine is circling the drain. Heaven help us as we age.”
“I did not go to school for 25-plus years to be a computer programmer for the federal government,” testily responded a Florida ophthalmologist."
Thank You Front Page Mag and Mr Trussell

To which we can only respond;
It's too little, and it's too late. If medicine hadn't been so busy selling Federal Racketeering and Civil Rights Statutes Violating, junk treatments and procedures, and eagerly welcoming Nazi and Communist Political Psy-ence, 
into its profit packing embrace, ...... treatments which they full well Know cure Nothing while crippling and killing their consumers wholesale, 
the cost of medicine wouldn't have risen so astronomically as to guarantee this 'Final Solution' predicament those poor, innocent "Ethicals" now find themselves bedeviled by.  

61 percent said the system “challenges their ethics".

Ethics, or PR?

Now, IF you want this mess cleaned up, perhaps, This November, You can become a Single Issue Voter. Before you fill out that ballot put your hand into your wallet or your purse and try to find any of that FREE Bullshit you voted for in 2008. 

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