Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Seroquel Loses Patent Protection: Revenues DROP 86.23%

And just when you thought we'd Never have a cheery thought for you:

RedOrbit has;

Latest Drug Sales Data: Loss Of Patent Protection Has Significant Effect

"Top Five Sales Losses, Q2 2012

    Drug Name    Loss ($000)             % Change (previous
    ---------    ----------              ------------------
    Seroquel                 -$1,001,283                   -86.23%
    --------                 -----------                   ------
    Plavix                     -$686,059                   -42.33%
    ------                     ---------                   ------
    Lipitor                    -$261,418                   -31.09%
    -------                    ---------                   ------
    atorvastatin               -$168,400                   -17.68%
    ------------               ---------                   ------
    budesonide                  -$64,282                   -24.99%
    ----------                  --------                   ------

And for those of you who just Can't hear it often enough, here's, with a Graph.

And Who could forget This hit?

QuetiapineReported By
Adverse ReactionCasesMDCNOTPHLWNR
Suicidal Ideations47910310672137266
Attempted Suicides3251423386157142
Completed Suicides3001052114657139
Deaths Not From Suicide1,2744509531238346869
Homicidal Ideations316271019
Heart Disease4731514298239303
Movement Disorders1,5616142583818213508
Birth Defects39193122016
Premature Births11408102
Prenatal/Neonatal Deaths38195181010

Or This one?

This Racketeering Thing, you know, IS the responsibility of Congress to enforce. Since the FDA is subject to implementing the will and Black Letter, Clearly Expressed Intent of Congress, and Congress prohibited the use of Interstate Commerce Facilities in the Commission of Murder For Hire, ...... 

You might want to ask Your Candidate at a Stump Speech, what they intend to Do about it, beyond Ducking the Question and the Issue completely. 

Because NONE of these drugs should even BE on the market, at all, under Any circumstance.

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