Tuesday, September 28, 2010

SSRIs & SNRIs: More Military Suicides Than Deaths In Combat



Paragraphs 36 through 42 read: "The studies in this section confirm that the risk of antidepressant suicidality is not limited to children, youth, and young adults, but encompasses all ages."

B. Antidepressant-Induced Mania in Adults

A considerable body of research demonstrates that the newer antidepressants frequently cause mania in varying degrees. Mania is associated with loss of impulse control, violence and suicide.

Preda et al. (2001) found that 8.1 percent of adult psychiatric hospital admissions could be attributed to antidepressant-induced mania and/or psychosis. Morishita and Arita (2003) found that 8.6 percent of patients treated with Paxil developed hypomania or mania. Howland (1996) found a 6 percent rate of SSRI-induced mania, mostly severe. Ebert et al. (1997) found a 17 percent rate of hypomania, some suicidal or dangerous. Martin et al. (2004) used a national database of more than 7 million privately insured individuals, aged 5-29 years, to find new diagnoses of bipolar illness made in association of antidepressant treatment. They found a statistically significant correlation between exposure to antidepressants and a subsequent diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Individual who already have a tendency to become manic have vastly increased risk of mania when exposed to SSRI antidepressants (Henry et al., 2001; Ghaemi et al., 2000) with rates that exceed 20 percent.

The SSRI antidepressants pose a very serious, indeed an extreme, risk of causing mania in patients with and without a prior history of manic-like symptoms. This alone should contraindicate their use among active duty soldiers.

C. Antidepressant-Induced Aggression in Adults

Studies of antidepressant-induced mania often cite cases of violence. Studies also find an increased rate of hostility for children and adults taken Paxil(Healy et al, 2006, using data from GlaxoSmithKline, 2006a). Healy (2000) gave Zoloft to 20 volunteers, two of whom became aggressive and suicidal. The FDA conducted an epidemiological study comparing fluoxetine to trazodone in regard to spontaneous reports concerning hostility and intentional injury and found increased hostility on Prozac. (Food and Drug Administration, 1991). In a phone survey of pharmacy patients newer and older antidepressants, Fisher et al. (1993) found Prozac caused a higher incidence of psychotic aggression, and suicidality.

And there's more. There Always is.

Like This piece of unbridled Psychiatric Brilliance:

"..... For suicide, “depression is a big risk factor,” too, said Army Reserve Col. (Dr.) Thomas Hicklin, who teaches clinical psychiatry at the University of Southern California. To withhold the medications can be a huge problem.
A Huge Problem for Who?

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José said...


Maybe I'm going to say something stupid, but it's what I think.
I've never studied about anything related with psycology or psychiatry, but I guess that there are people who are born with certain conditions that make them depressive and of course that things can happen in one's life that can trigger severe mental problems.
But besides these, people get depressive over anything because they forget that life is not as seen on movies or magazines.
They set intangible objectives and when they realize that they will hardly achieve them, they get depressive, and the worst thing is that often these objectives are materialistic, forgeting that things like family, friends, have a place to stay and food on the table are the real important things.
Reason to be depressed has a parent who wants food for their children and cannot afford it.
People should think about that and accept that they must act according to what happens and live each day at a time.
Of course that like I said before there are lives that are extremely difficult, but those are the exceptions that should receive our fully support.

Kind regards,


D Bunker said...

Thank you for your comment and your interest Jose.

Let us suppose that Government decided that your use of the color blue was offensive, and perhaps politically threatening. They said that you could keep using all of your other colors but not blue any longer. So they took away your blue and told you to learn to live with it.

In fact, they had hired Armies of bullshit artists who had never Painted before, expressly for the purpose of teaching You to paint without the color blue.

And those Non Painters refused to understand that their patronizing gibberish about your leaning to paint the sky in Silver or Gray from now on was Worse than Useless.

Why? Because None of those bullshit artists understood that though they had left you your red and yellow, along With your blue they had stolen your ability to mix any greens or purples. And they expected you to Thank Them for it.

It is not necessary to study Psychology or Psychiatry (they are both from the same knowledge base) but only to review the way in which the Inventors of those Theories actually Lived. There were uniformly Frauds, Charlatans, and Revisers of those Frauds & Charlatans.

Their Theories belong in the realm of Political Constructs and Spiritual Beliefs. And since those Theories have never Yet actually Cured Anyone of their Inventor’s Debilitating Premises, they have Already proven themselves to be 100% untenable.

If you wish to slog your way through the entire works of Carl Jung you MAY come away believing them to contain truth, simply as an ego salve because who would want to admit even to Themselves that they’d WASTED ALL THAT TIME?

But you would be wrong to believe them, because they are only Theories which Will be swept away (someday) by other Theories presenting a Better fleshed out and Better realized Philosophy, at a future date.

Your ideas of what visions You wish to impart to canvas or other mediums have doubtless changed as you have practiced and developed your skills. They will Continue to change and grow through becoming more complex throughout your life.

And it’s not just the colors. Psychiatric Drugs are an acid which will mould and rot the Canvas itself, no matter What colors you choose to paint it with.

Our Point is that Psychiatry can not improve the human condition/experience, but only Limit/Ruin it through trying to bend, fold, spindle & amputate parts of life's unpleasant portion.

Geraldine Galvan said...

It's scary to know that these were caused by mere antidepressants. I couldn't believe that SSRIs could affect us that way.
Additionally, there is this article that I have read online [Birth Defects Lawsuit] which tackles about the adverse effects of SSRIs to newborn babies. They said that if a mother took these antidepressant drugs at the trimester of her pregnancy, the risk for birth defects will be doubled.

D Bunker said...

Thank you Ms Galvan for your visit and the additional coverage you've provided on J&J/DePuy's defective hip implants.

We hope your efforts may be of assistance to consumers injured by those defective products.