Thursday, September 23, 2010

Northrop Grumman Offers Real Help For PTSD

The LA Times has;

In WWI it was called Shell Shock.

They came home, and dealt with it. After WWII, they came home, and dealt with it. After Korea and Vietnam, they came home, and dealt with it, ..... and they're Still dealing with it. Which is Not to say that those Vets had an easy time of it, at all.

Today, they're coming home and being Penalized for it. Government Programs peddled to 'Help' our returning Veterans are setting the purveyors of Occultist Junk Science upon them to 'Diagnose' PTSD Onto them & junk drugs Into them, ..... and as the La Times points out, that Label is making their post Uniform Life Hell just trying to find a job.

They deserve Better.

Northrop Grumman is providing them that 'Better'.

Northrop Grumman is Partnering with over 60 Other Companies in a Network Of Champions to help Vets find 'Just The Right Opportunity'.

The 'Mental Health' Industry only encases them in a suit of Stigma, to feed itself. Northrop & The Network know better. And it's Very Gratifying to see that there are still Some people in this country, who Do really 'Get It'.

You see, ..... airplanes either fly, or they fall out of the sky and people die. So it only makes sense that Northrop would actually KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING, and Their program to help returning Vets actually WORKS.

"Defining The Future" the way it Needs to be Defined.


susan said...

Earlier this month, On one of the boards I frequent, a woman back from Afganistan suicided. No one cared. She could not deal with what she saw over there and said there was no help here once she came back home.

She also served in the Gulf. What a tragedy.

She died as she lived, alone. Heartbreaking. She didn't deserve that, no one does.

D Bunker said...

The VA's had serious problems for decades, & our Vets do NOT need to be slimed with a Label on Top of what they've been through.

There's No more highly regulated legal activity in America than flying an airplane. Northrop is Hiring Vets to help them build airplanes. They're not afraid of PTSD Labels.

What does That tell you about the validity of Psychiatric Diagnoses?