Thursday, September 16, 2010

Congress To J&J: "Get Back Here You!" Over Phantom Recall has;

Pharmalot points out that;

Ed Towns (D. New York) who chairs the committee, had this to say.
“This is about the safety of trusted medication that our children and grandchildren use. The evidence we have uncovered since our first hearing is extremely troubling,”
Congressman Towns posted a Letter to J&J CEO William C. Weldon.

We quote;
"The hearing will examine the circumstances surrounding your recall of over 135 million bottles of infant and children's medicines produced by Johnson & Johnson/McNeil Consumer Healthcare, including such widely used products as Children's Tylenol, Infant's Tylenol, Children's Motrin, and Children's Benadryl. The hearing will also examine the circumstances surrounding the "phantom recall" of a certain adult Motrin product, which became public as a result of the Committee's hearing on May 27, 2010.

Since the Committee's first investigative hearing, we have received additional information from Johnson & Johnson and from the subcontractors who conducted the phantom recall at Johnson & Johnson's direction. Much of the information we have reviewed raises additional questions.

For example, one of the emails we obtained is from an executive at WIS (one of the subcontractors who carried out the phantom recall). This June 30, 2009 email states, "we are exploring another similar but potentially larger recall for July involving Children's Tylenol." The author of this email states that this new recall "would make our Motrin project look small. . . ." (A copy of this email is attached for your reference.)

This email raises at least two significant questions. First, was Johnson & Johnson considering conducting a phantom recall of children's medicine? Second, this email is dated June 30, 2009, but your recall of millions of bottles of Children's Tylenol was not announced until April 30, 2010. Was Johnson & Johnson aware of problems with Children's Tylenol and other children's medicines months before it actually recalled these products?

In addition, the Committee has obtained an email dated May 27, 2009, in which the president of Johnson & Johnson's McNeil subsidiary appears to approve the phantom recall of certain adult Motrin, saying "Let's make this happen ASAP." (See copy attached.) If true, this raises serious questions about the actions of the managers at the highest levels of a company that is one of the largest producers of children's medication. Please be prepared to discuss this issue at the September 30, 2010 hearing."

The full letter & more is Here (Link)

Pharmalot Also has;

And 3rd Pharmalot's the Charm, for the Most Bizarre Twist on J&J's contaminated Children's meds yet;

This one has Contaminated Children's Tylenol being fed to dead mice which will be dropped out of Helicopters over Guam. Guam has too many snakes, & J&J's Kid's Tylenol turns out to be the Perfect Remedy, for killing Snakes.

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