Monday, September 20, 2010

Orwell Was An Optimist: Capt. Time Latrine The Change Agent

The San Francisco Dept. of Public Health is embracing the Philosophy of ‘Change Agents’ (see here) as Official Department Policy determining Where the line lies as to whether or not they can Spend Government Monies to Blackjack other people’s Behaviors, through declaring them ‘Incurably Mentally Ill’.

Here’s a page of proudly self identified,

‘Change Agents’.

The difference between Captain Ozone in Belfast and the California ‘Change Agents’ is that the Change Agents in California probably aren’t Suited Up. Their Ideals and Goals are identical. They are Joiners. They need to Join a Populist Cause without having Any idea what that Cause is supporting, and what their Change is agitating for.

Since nothing is more important than ‘Saving the Planet’, Capt Ozone probably spends a lot of time Riding his Toilet.

Dear Captain: Here’s some reading material for you at all those stoplights.

The Teachers who deceived these kids into posing with Capt. Ozone should be Locked up for Child Abuse. How is filling those kids heads full of Ozone’s Paul Revering it through town on his Time Latrine going to do anything But interfere with their future ability to use their heads for anything but a hat rack, ….. which IS the end game: so that the Bureaucrats at the Top can continue living High on the Hog Disabling those kids as Dual Diagnosed Crazies, ….. at the behest of those Unelected Bureaucrats Own Personal Enrichment, …… through the Infallible Diagnostic Aegis of Jungian, New Age Zen peddling Illuminati Spiritualists who furiously watch Movies and email each other about their personal favorites?

This, is the Global Agenda determining Where America’s Medicare & Medicaid Dollars are being Spent.

Do you want Your children & grand children declared ‘Incurably Mentally Ill’ & Drug Bashed, based on this Clown riding a Toilet?


susan said...

No. Not at all.

What I want to know is how he can do either number one or two with his pants up.

Is that his super power? (grin)

D Bunker said...

That's the point Susan.

He Remains, Full of It.