Thursday, December 10, 2015

White House Can't ID Any Mass Shooting That Would Have Been Prevented By New Gun Regulations

GOP War Room

Thank You GOP War Room

So what are they saying? Translation: we want to seem like we’re doing something, while it wouldn’t actually do anything to prevent the shootings but would take away people’s Constitutional rights.
Josh Earnest is talking about banning those on the No-Fly List from buying guns. But there is no conviction or even charge required to get on the list. In fact some famous people who somehow made it onto the list include Ted Kennedy and David Nelson of Ozzie and Harriet. Plus, once you apply for a gun and are on the list, apparently the FBI is pinged. That is the point where if they actually thought you a real threat, they could simply flunk your background check. So there is no need to actually remove people’s constitutional rights because someone decided to put them on a list.
Thank You Sean Hannity and Nick

Actor Kurt Russell Hits Back Against Anti Gun Hollywood Interviewer: "What Are You Going To Do, Ban Everything?"

White House Finalizing Plans To Expand Background Checks For Gun Buying, Without Congressional Approval

Acting without having the authority to act, regulate, truncheon America hasn't stopped El Supreme-O in the past. So why should he balk at This?

White House Says When People Buy More Guns After Obama Threatens To Take Them Away "Tragic" "Ironic"

This Administration defines nauseating, and has from the start.

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