Tuesday, December 29, 2015

California Law Allowing Seizure Of Guns If "Potential For Violence" Exists Starts January 2016

Excuse us, but isn't this the same crowd who've prevented all those school shootings by decreeing that schools are "Gun Free Zones"?

But don't worry, Somebody will get this straightened out in a California Court. 

House Investigates Claims That IRS Seized (60) Millions 

Of Medical Records

 (Including those of every State Judge in California) 

Constitutionally dubious.
Gun-safety legislation going into effect in California next week will allow authorities to seize a person’s weapons for 21 days if a judge determines there’s potential for violence.
Proposed in the wake of a deadly May 2014 shooting rampage by Elliot Rodger, the bill provides family members with a means of having an emergency “gun violence restraining order” imposed against a loved one if they can convince a judge that allowing that person to possess a firearm “poses an immediate and present danger of causing personal injury to himself, herself or another by having in his or her custody or control.”
Thank You Wash Times and Nick. 

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