Wednesday, December 9, 2015

DNC Chair WahWah Schultz: GOP Presidential Candidates Are "Nothing Short Of Un-American"


Chair of the Democratic Party Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz thinks that Donald Trump and the rest of the Republican presidential field is “nothing short of un-American.”
Appearing on CNN’s “Wolf” on Wednesday, Wasserman Schultz argued “as the leader of one of the two major national party is to sound the alarm bell here. I mean, what is coming out of the Republican side of the presidential field is nothing short of un-American for a variety of reasons.”
Wasserman Schultz explained that “Trump is hurtling us towards a repeat of the McCarthy era. I mean, it can be called nothing less than that. God forbid this man would become president, and would actually implement the outrageous proposal that we would not allow Muslims to come into our country wholesale, and even ban Muslim Americans from traveling back into the country is just the, it cries out for a unified condemnation which has not come in any shape or form from the are Republican side.”
Thank You DC and Zip.

pic cred to dunlop, whose guitar effects/wah wah pedals never caused us .0000001% of the grief Debs has. 

And for you know it alls in 'Mental Health' here's what a wah wah pedal sounds like.

Sorry Dunlop, but Debs is a such a natural. All we hear every time she plugs in is Wah Wah Wah.

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