Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Hillary Clinton Helped Son-In-Law's Buddy At Goldman Sachs

The candidate who is going to reign in Wall Street right?
Via Breitbart:
Having trouble moving up a floor or two at Goldman Sachs? Here’s a surefire trick to get ahead. Just call in a favor from Hillary Clinton’s son-in-law.
Emails reveal that Chelsea Clinton’s husband, a private equity expert named Marc Mezvinsky, scored his buddy at Goldman a meeting with then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
Harry Siklas is a young guy trying to make it in New York City. His wife was just telling the New York Times about how they had to go to an independent broker to get their $1.2 million three-bedroom steal in the Chatham on East 65th Street (they later flipped it for a cool $3.7 million).

Thank You Bill and Breitbart

pic cred to Free Republic. 

Hillary Clinton Intervened For Mining Company On Behalf Of Her Son-In-Law While She Was At State Department

Hillary Creates Ad With Gay Couples Kissing

That should go over like a lead balloon with the 100K Syrian Muslims her party is importing to swell their voter base.

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