Monday, September 14, 2015

University of California Thought Police: Considering Recognizing A "Right" to Be "Free From . . . Expressions Of Intolerance"

Again Maestro, from the top.

The 1st Amendment says Jack about anyone owning any "Right" to be protected from being offended. It's purpose is the exact opposite.


Coloring books and puppies for all.
Via WaPo:
Here is a proposed policy that the Regents of the University of California’s Committee on Education Policy will be discussing next Thursday:
Office of the President
For Meeting of September 17, 2015
The Regents are strongly committed to a University community that upholds the core principles of respect, inclusion, academic freedom, and the free and open exchange of ideas. Accordingly, as discussed at the July Regents meeting, a statement reflecting these principles has been developed and is outlined below for discussion.
Regents of the University of California’s Statement of Principles Against Intolerance
The University of California is committed to protecting its bedrock values of respect, inclusion, and academic freedom. Free expression and the open exchange of ideas — principles enshrined in our national and state Constitutions — are part of the University’s fiber. So, too, is tolerance, and University of California students, faculty, and staff must respect the dignity of each person within the UC community.
Intolerance has no place at the University of California. We define intolerance as unwelcome conduct motivated by discrimination against, or hatred toward, other individuals or groups. It may take the form of acts of violence or intimidation, threats, harassment, hate speech, derogatory language reflecting stereotypes or prejudice, or inflammatory or derogatory use of culturally recognized symbols of hate, prejudice, or discrimination.
Everyone in the University community has the right to study, teach, conduct research, and work free from acts and expressions of intolerance. The University will respond promptly and effectively to reports of intolerant behavior and treat them as opportunities to reinforce the University’s Principles Against Intolerance.[…]
The following non-exhaustive list contains examples of behaviors that do not reflect the University’s values of inclusion and tolerance, as described in the Regents of the University of California’s Statement of Principles Against Intolerance.
* Vandalism and graffiti reflecting culturally recognized symbols of hate or prejudice. These include depictions of swastikas, nooses, and other symbols intended to intimidate, threaten, mock and/or harass individuals or groups.
* Questioning a student’s fitness for a leadership role or whether the student should be a member of the campus community on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, national origin, citizenship, sex, or sexual orientation.
* Depicting or articulating a view of ethnic or racial groups as less ambitious, less hardworking or talented, or more threatening than other groups.
Thank You WaPo and Dapandico 

Heads up students. You're nowhere Near as offended as you should be, by your University Overlords.

If you think crucifying your Constitutional Rights is a good idea, you'll love getting mugged with a tire iron in a dark alley too, because that's what your University is Charging you money to do to you while calling it an education.

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