Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Posters Inviting Americans To "Visit Iran, America's Newest Ally" Spring Up Near Cruz/Trump Rally

Golf Clap for the LGBT-est President ever. Obama gives Iran the bomb. Obama celebrates Sexual Diversity. Iran hangs gays.

HE's Sane. It's everyone Else who's Incurably Nutz. 

“Vibrant Gay Scene”
Via FreeBeacon:
Posters advertising Iran as “America’s newest ally” will be showcased in Washington, D.C., beginning Wednesday at a rally against the nuclear deal on Capitol Hill that Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are expected to attend.
IranTruth, a project of the Center for Security Policy that is devoted to raising awareness about the dangers of the nuclear deal, is behind the posters.
The advertisements, which emulate vintage mid-20th century travel posters and invite Americans to “visit Iran,” spotlight the country’s crimes against women, homosexuals, and political prisoners. “Participate in a public stoning in beautiful Tehran,” one ad reads over a cartoon of an Iranian woman being stoned to death.
Thank You Bill and FreeBeacon 

And Iran is going to use the Bomb Obama Built to prove to the world how peaceful they are, and quit chanting "Death To America'' because, . . . Obama. 

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