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San Francisco Sees Spike In Murder And Sexual Assault Arrests


Matt Vespa | Sep 14, 2015
Hat tip to Hot Air’s  Jazz Shaw and Judicial Watch for this little tidbit of information, where a Freedom of Information Act request on crime statistics in San Francisco found that the sanctuary city is seeing a surge in rape and homicide arrests. Judicial Watch added that arrests for murders are up 55 percent, while rape arrests have surged 370 percent:

Judicial Watch announced today it obtained records from the San Francisco County Sheriff’s Department revealing that violent crime in the Bay area has skyrocketed since 2011, with the number of arrests for murder up 55%, and the number of arrests for rapes up 370%. Judicial Watch uncovered the numbers through a July 9, 2015, California Public Records Act request that sought the number of arrests for violations of the following crimes between 2011 and 2015:
Penal Code 187 – first and second degree murder
Penal Code 240 – simply assault
Penal Code243 – battery
Penal Code 261 – rape
According to the data provided by the Sheriff’s Department, arrests for violations of the most violent of the crimes listed – murder and rape – have soared over the past four years:

Judicial Watch President said in a statement that this data shows a connection between sanctuary status and crime. Illegal aliens enter these urban areas because they know there won’t be a concerted federal effort to find them and deport them. You can debate about whether there is a correlation between sanctuary cities and illegal aliens. While there has been a spike in homicides in most urban areas across the country, they haven’t come close to the insane homicides rates that were set in the 1990s. Moreover, FiveThirtyEight found that media headlines might have contributed to this aura that the country is undergoing a renewed crime wave; we’re still less violent, and much safer, than we were 20 years ago.
Nevertheless, it doesn’t mitigate the awful murders illegal aliens have committedover the years. The most recent to grab national headlines, and rightfully so, was the horrific death of Kate Steinle, who was shot in San Francisco by an illegal alien.
Her killer, Francisco Sanchez, had been deported five times, but admitted upon his arrest that he continued to come to San Francisco due to its status as a sanctuary city. Sanchez said he was under the influence of pills, and that shooting Steinle was an “accident.”
Steinle was walking on a pier when she died, her last words to her father were, “help me, Dad.”

Thank You Mr Vespa and Townhall

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