Monday, September 21, 2015

The ObamaNation Week 348: Headline Links From Zip's

All via weaselzippers

And a what a news day it's been.
Hungary Beefs Up Borders, Adds More Military To Guard Against Migrants

BREAKING: Scott Walker Ready To Drop Out Of Race

Dingy Slams Carson Over Muslim POTUS Comment

Not A Joke: Robot To Be Featured Speaker At Clinton Foundation Event

Shame: Dissidents In Cuba Forcibly Kept From Seeing Pope Francis

Hillary Clinton Calls Planned Parenthood Videos "Misleadingly Edited" And "Taken Out Of Context"

CAIR To Give Away "Free" Korans In REsponse To Ben Carson's Comments On Muslims

Congressional Leaders Enlisting Members To Block Fame Whores Like Sheila Jackson Leigh From Touching Pope Francis

Presidential Candidate Who Started Rumors About Obama Being Muslim Slams Ben Carson Over No Muslim POTUS Comments

Biden Insists He's A Devout Catholic But Questions On Abortion Are Above My Pay Grade.

[Ed; Joe Wants To Be President, Leader Of The Free World. Who does he expect us to believe is/will be Above His Pay Grade?]

Second Batch Of Obama's U.S. Trained "Moderate" Syrian Fighters" Cross Border To Battle ISIS. Promptly Arrested By Islamist Rebels.

MTV News Promoting Disgusting ShoutYourAbortion Campaign Online.

Will Farrell Among 128 Celebrity Moonbats Who Endorse Bernie Sanders

Obama Regime May Join Cuba In Condemning U.S. Embargo On Cuba

Report: Here's The Way Obama Is Planning To Control Who Succeeds Him

Campaign Insider: Hillary Was The One Who Started Talk That Obama Was A Muslim

Trump: It Wasn't Swedish People Who Blew Up The WTC

Elementary School Training Students To Throw Books At Potential Shooter

CAIR Executive: Ben Carson Worse Than "Run Of The Mill Bigot" Donald Trump

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