Monday, September 14, 2015

Report: Planned Infanticide Spent $5 Million To Help Elect Democrats In 2014

Anyone surprised? Anyone unfamiliar with the term 'Laundering of Monetary Instruments'?

Need a Specified Unlawful Activity?


Blood money.
Via LifeNews:
In 2014, Planned Parenthood spent nearly $5 million on electing pro-abortion Democrats to office, according to a new report from the Washington Examiner. The analysis also shows that the abortion company gave $676,885 directly to federal Democratic candidates during that same time period.
Unsurprisingly, Planned Parenthood spent $0 on ads attacking Democratic candidates in 2014 but nearly $3 million in ads attacking Republicans. The data for the report was collected in March by Open Secrets from the Federal Elections Committee. The chart below shows this data:
As LifeNews previously reported, in the past fifteen years, Planned Parenthood has donated at least $25 million to Democratic lawmakers. A analysis found that the abortion company has given money to Democrats through their employees, political action committees and through soft money donors.

Thank You LifeNews and Zip.

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