Saturday, September 12, 2015

California Legislature Approves Bill Legalizing Physician Approved Suicide

But suicide will still be Illegal, until and Unless, one of the Legislature's MD purchasing owners gets a cut of the action. 

Oh those crafty California-crats. They've pulled another slow one off on the rest of us.

[ED; No it isn't, because you've opened the door to outsiders like INSURERS deciding behind everyone Else's backs, who is, and who isn't, a 'Life Worth Living'.]

Planned Parenthood can expand their ‘health care services’.
The California legislature on Friday approved a bill to legalize physician-assisted suicide for terminally ill patients despite opposition from religious and disability rights groups, sending it to Democratic Governor Jerry Brown for his approval or veto.
The bill would allow mentally competent patients to request a prescription that would end their lives if two doctors agree the patients have only six months to live.
The measure, based on a similar law in Oregon, passed the state Senate on Friday on a vote of 23-14, after passing the Assembly on Thursday.
“We are here today on the precipice of granting a wish that I was not able to give my mother,” said Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, who said her mother died in agony from a form of leukemia.
It was the subject of weeks of debate, as supporters argued that the measure would allow people in the last stages of terminal illness to die peacefully, while advocates for seniors and the disabled argued it could make people vulnerable to greedy relatives or others who wished to avoid taking care of them or inherit their money.
Thank You Dapandico and Reuters.

Our parents and grandparents took the beaches at Normandy.

And this shit just keeps coming back.

Doesn't seem to be any way of kicking it back into the totalitarian sewers it crawled up out of and welding the manhole cover down on it once and for ever.

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