Wednesday, July 22, 2015

White House Defends Planned Parenthood As "Highly Ethical" After Videos Show Group Sells Baby Body Parts

Yes, defended.
Via The Hill:
White House spokesman Josh Earnest on Wednesday dismissed claims that Planned Parenthood has illegally profited from harvesting fetal tissue, saying the organization holds itself to “the highest ethical standards.”
Earnest defended Planned Parenthood one day after it was targeted by a second secretly recorded video that appears to show an organization official haggling over prices of fetal organs with a medical research firm. 
The footage was filmed by anti-abortion activists from the Center for Medical Progress, which has threatened to release more videos until the government cracks down on Planned Parenthood. 
When asked in a news conference whether President Obama had concerns about the video, Earnest pointed concerns about the video’s accuracy. 
Earnest pointed to media reports that raise “significant concerns about the way those videos were selectively edited to distort not just the words of the individual speaking, but also Planned Parenthood.” 
“They subscribe [to] and implement the highest ethical standards in carrying out their operations,” he said of the nonprofit health group.

Thank You Zip and The Hill. 

And why shouldn't they? Ethics, after all, is the province of those to define who are making a dirty buck from defining them.

Our own FDA - at least of this posting - still hasn't pulled an SSRI drug off the market which is known to cause severe cardiac birth deformities in newborns.

Paroxetine: known in America as Paxil.

Big HT and Thank You to Bob Fiddaman here for all the heavy lifting on this one.

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