Monday, July 13, 2015

University Researchers: We Have To Accept People Who "Identify As Real Vampires"

With our apologies to Dr. Jay Joseph for our link to his page, but the heritability/genetics for vampirism was just too rich to leave un-debunked.

Via NRO:
Sociology researchers are now insisting that we as a society start accepting people who choose to “identify as real vampires” — so that they can be open about the fact that they’re vampires without having to worry about facing discrimination from people who might think that that’s weird.
The study, titled “Do We Always Practice What We Preach? Real Vampires’ Fears of Coming out of the Coffin to Social Workers and Helping Professionals” was conducted by researchers from Idaho State University and College of the Canyons and the Center for Positive Sexuality in Los Angeles.
“Most vampires believe they were born that way; they don’t choose this,” said Dr. D. J. Williams, the study’s lead researcher and the director of sociology at Idaho State.
The study is based on the experiences of eleven “real” vampires — which, by the way, are different from “lifestyle vampires.”
Thank You NRO and Zip.

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