Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Dem. Senator Tammy Baldwin: Pro-Life Americans Do Not Have Religious Freedoms

Somewhere, a maggot just gagged.


Nice try.
Via Life News:
A pro-abortion Democrat Senator is getting criticism for a comment suggesting that only churches enjoy First Amendment religious freedom protections, and that those freedoms do not extend to individual people.
The comment is a huge concern for pro-life advocates who are worried about being forced to pay for abortions with their tax dollars or insurance premiums. The concerns also extend to pro-life medical professionals like doctors and nurses who do not want to be forced to perform or assist in or refer for abortions.
Balwdin’s comments are instructive for the pro-life movement because they come at a time when abortion advocates are pushing abortion well beyond its legal status to become a mandate where pro-life people are forced to pay for abortions, refer for them or promote them in some other shape or form.

Thank You Zip. 

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