Wednesday, July 8, 2015

U.K. Poll Finds 1.5 Million British Muslims Support ISIS

Celebrate Diversity!

Only 1.5 million, nothing to worry about.
Via Mirror:
Muslim leaders have responded to the Mirror’s disturbing poll showing that 1.5 million Brits identified as supporters of the brutal so-called Islamic State.
One prominent leader has even said Muslims here may be disenfranchised with new Tory policies which are turning them to have sympathies for IS and their belief system.
Pollsters ICM found that opposition to IS has hardened during twelve months of barbaric atrocities, with 80% of British people now having a “very unfavourable” view of them compared with 45% last July.
But, staggeringly, the poll of 2,016 British adults taken over the weekend also found that support for the terror group was up by 2%, to 9%.

Thank You Zip.

ISIS electrocutes Man To Death For Sorcery.

Islamic State Executes Anti-ISIS Media Activists For Smuggling News Out Of Raqqa

Proportionately speaking America's probably got just as high a percentage of them.

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