Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How Many Murdered Babies Will Planned Parenthood Need To Buy A Lamborghini

When this 2nd Planned Parenthood Exec blithely admitted that she "wanted a Lamborghini" it occurred to us to look into the question of how many murdered babies - at her rates to sell them off as parts - it would cost to buy her one.

For anyone clueless enough to assume that we're implying Lamborghini itself or anyone associated with them is is Any way implicated or responsible for the barbarisms of Planned Parenthood, we wish to make it abundantly clear that we are NOT implying any such thing.

Lamborghini builds cars, magnificent cars to say the least and we wish their company, employees, sales people and everyone associated with them the best. 

So, How many Murdered Babies would it cost, to buy this Planned Parenthood Exec one of those magnificent cars?

The MSRP on 8 different new models runs from $441,600 to $251,600.

Obama's buddies, Planned Parenthood.

If We were Lamborghini, We would be throwing first, a Fit, and Second, a Press Conference condemning Planned Parenthood's Exec for even mentioning the name Lamborghini.

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