Thursday, July 30, 2015

Spite House: There's Not A Lot Of Evidence That Planned Parenthood Has Failed To Live Up To The Highest Ethical Standards . . .

Right on Time and Right on Cue.


Reality begs to differ.
REPORTER: “I know you said these videos are selectively edited, the Planned Parenthood stuff, there are several more that are slated to come out, I understand. Has the White House had any communication with Planned Parenthood about standardizing procedures for fetal tissue research? Has the White House had — research? Has the White House had any concerns about illegalities in this rem? Are there any investigations?”
EARNEST: “Not that I’m aware of. Planned Parenthood has policies and procedures in place and they say those live up to the highest ethical standards. For what those standards are, I’d refer you to Planned Parenthood. As I mentioned, based on the essentially fraudulent way in which these videos have been released, there’s not a lot of evidence right now that planned parenthood hasn’t lived up to those standards. But again, I refer you to Planned Parenthood.”

Thanks Reporter and Zip.

Since this investigation is being conducted Outside of Congress, it Might actually stick to the Dem Funded, and Protected teflon target for a change.

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