Monday, July 21, 2014

U.N. Gives HAMAS Their Rockets Back After Being Found In One Of Their Schools

The next time someone pushes the idea of having the U.S. sign onto the U.N. Treaty for people with Disabilities, . . . this post is here.

The U.S. Federal Govt. won't do Jack about upholding its own Federal Laws applying to Psychiatric Fraud and Abuse, but we're supposed to believe that the U.S. Govt WILL uphold a United Nations agreement?

Look at who they've sided with.


Update to this story.
Via INN:
The UN agency for Palestinian Arab “refugees,” UNRWA, has caused outrage by apparently giving rockets to Hamas.
On Thursday, UNRWA confirmed that 20 rockets had been found in one of its vacant schools in Gaza.
UNRWA staff said last week that they had “informed the relevant parties and successfully took all necessary measures for the removal of the objects.”
However, Channel 2 reports Sunday that – rather than destroying the rockets – UNRWA workers called Hamas to come remove them.
While UNRWA confirmed the existence of rockets in one of its schools last week, the organization refused an Israeli request to provide a picture of the weapons. A picture could have helped Israel show that Hamas uses civilian institutions to store weapons and launch attacks.

Thank You INN and Zip.

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