Monday, July 21, 2014

Ted Cruz: Abolish The IRS And Have All 110,000 Agents Police The Border

And Liberals think Conservatives have no sense of humor.

Can you even imagine that there are that many employees in the the IRS? That just shows the incredible insanity of the growth of government.

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz told a cheering crowd of conservatives Saturday night that the next U.S. president should shutter the much-maligned Internal Revenue Service and turn the agency’s 110,000 employees loose to police the U.S.-Mexico border.
‘That’s slightly tongue-in-cheek,’ he said in Denver at the Western Conservative Summit.
‘But think about it for a second: You travel thousands of miles, you cross over and see 110,000 IRS agents? You’d turn around and go home!’
His speech before a partisan crowd of hooting and hollering Republicans was the main draw at a conference that brought an estimated 3,500 to hear pols including former VP candidate Sarah Palin, U.S. Sen. Mike Lee and rising right-winger Dr. Ben Carson.

Thank You Daily Mail and Zip.

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