Thursday, July 24, 2014

More Evidence Antipsychotics Reduce Brain Volume (To those of you Selling the stuff, That's Brain Damage)

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July 21, 2014

People diagnosed with schizophrenia experience reductions in brain volume that increase over time, and the amount of those reductions increases in proportion to the quantities of antipsychotics taken and not symptom severity, according to research reported in PLOS One. Investigators from the University of Oulu in Finland performed brain scans on 33 participants diagnosed with schizophrenia and 71 control participants over a ten-year period, and found reductions in the antipsychotic users especially pronounced in the temporal lobe and periventricular area.
Even after adjusting for alcohol use and weight gain, the researchers found that “mean annual whole brain volume reduction was 0.69% in schizophrenia, and 0.49% in controls.”
“Symptom severity, functioning level, and decline in cognition were not associated with brain volume reduction in schizophrenia,” stated the researchers. “The amount of antipsychotic medication… over the follow-up period predicted brain volume loss.”


Mark p.s.2 said...

If you are going to court for a forced treatment order, I think bringing the peer reviewed articles of brain damage might be a good idea, if the judge allows the papers to be submitted to the court.

D Bunker said...

Hi Mark.

Don't know if this is the vid or not but we have seen Jim put the entire Circus into perspective by telling us that the State can't even meet its own requirements under parens.

Govt. locks people up and has its minions defraud/browbeat/force Brain Damage into them under the legal fiction that its in those people/patients & society's best interests.

D Bunker said...