Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Psych Ground Zero: San Fran Moonbats and Muslims Rally To Support Hamas, Accuse Israel of "Genocide"

This City needs a major Psych Detox, or, as the saying in the Psychiatric Survivor Movement goes, . . . "Recovery Begins With Non-Compliance."

Which probably isn’t all that shocking considering San Fran is the moonbat capital of America.
Via SF Gate:
Chanting “Free Palestine” and accusing Israel of genocide, a large, diverse crowd of Arab Americans and antiwar demonstrators marched in San Francisco late Sunday afternoon to protest the ongoing military action in Gaza and the escalating ground offensive by Israeli troops.
At one point, the protesters sat down in the middle of Market Street at Fourth Street and read the names of victims of the nearly 2-week-old conflict, including their ages and the circumstances of their deaths.
Despite the size of the demonstration, the atmosphere was relatively orderly. The crowd, marching with a police escort, was vocal and impassioned but remained peaceful. The participants included families with young children.
Thank You SF Gate and Zip. 

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