Thursday, July 31, 2014

Antipsychotics Linked To Cognitive and Memory Impairments

Since there's not much going on with the Blind Juggernaut responsible for Feeding this 26.2% of all Americans - under the Glorious Guidelines of the People's National Institutes for Political Health (NIMH) - will suffer an excuse in any given year for Our Cronies to subject them to a raft of violent, prohibited by Law violations of Federal Racketeering and Civil Rights Statutes in order to fatten Our Cronies bottom lines, today:

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We'll leave you with another of those boring old studies our bought and paid for Congress can't seem to find, in order to Do Their Job and take all of these drugs, at the very least, Off the CMS Buffet Table.

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July 23, 2014

Finnish reseachers report in Schizophrenia Research that antipsychotic use is associated with cognitive and memory impairments. The University of Oulu team studied forty people diagnosed with schizophrenia and 73 controls at the ages of 34 and 43 years. “Higher antipsychotic dose-years by baseline were significantly associated with poorer baseline performance in several dimensions of verbal learning and memory, and with a larger decrease in short-delay free recall during the follow-up,” they observed.
“The use of high doses of antipsychotics may be associated with a decrease in verbal learning and memory in schizophrenia years after illness onset,” the researchers concluded. “The results do not support the view that antipsychotics in general prevent cognitive decline or promote cognitive recovery in schizophrenia.”
Lifetime use of antipsychotic medication and its relation to change of verbal learning and memory in midlife schizophrenia — An observational 9-year follow-up study (Husa, Anja P. et al. Schizophrenia Research. Published Online: July 15, 2014. DOI:

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