Monday, May 19, 2014

Report: More Than 150 Vets Died Because of "Delay In Treatment"

Report: More Than 150 Vets Died Because of "Delay In Treatment"

And today we found out Obama has known about these problems for the last six years.

As controversy swirls around the Veterans Administration over deaths caused by delayed care, an investigation by the Dayton Daily News found that the VA settled many cases that appear to be related to delays in treatment.
A database of paid claims by the VA since 2001 includes 167 in which the words “delay in treatment” is used in the description. The VA paid out a total of $36.4 million to settle those claims, either voluntarily or as part of a court action.
The VA has admitted that 23 people have died because of delayed care, and is facing accusations that hospital administrators are gaming the system to conceal wait times, including using a “secret list” at the VA in Phoenix.
Robert Petzel, undersecretary for health care at the VA, resigned Friday, the day after he and agency head Eric Shinseki were grilled by the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs. Many have called for Shinseki’s resignation, as well.
It’s unclear in the data analyzed by the newspaper how many of the cases match the VA’s definition of delayed care. But there are numerous examples, including in Dayton, where claimants allege substandard care related to lags in treatment.
The Dayton VA in 2009 paid out $140,000 for a 2006 claim that was described as “Failure/Delay in Admission to Hospital or Institution; Medication Administered via Wrong Route; Failure to Order Appropriate Test.”

Thank You Stars and Stripes and Zip.

Govt. Healthcare, . . . but Govt. taking over Everyone else's Healthcare outside of the VA is going to work better.

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