Wednesday, May 21, 2014

HHS Nominee Burwell Says Taxpayers Will Spend Over $1 Billion Building ObamaCare Website By End Of Year

HHS Nominee Burwell Says Taxpayers Will Spend Over $1 Billion Building ObamaCare Website By End Of Year 

And they are still not even close to being done.
The Obama administration will spend over $1 billion on the still-incomplete Obamacare website by the end of the year, according to Obama nominee Sylvia Burwell’s testimony to Congress.
Tennessee Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander asked Burwell, the nominee for Health and Human Services secretary, to provide details on federal spending on the embattled health care website during a hearing of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee. Alexander serves as the ranking Republican.
Burwell responded with specifics of’s finances.
“It is my understanding that as of February 28, 2014, CMS has obligated a total of approximately $834 million on Marketplace-related IT contracts and interagency agreements,” Burwell wrote to the HELP Committee. “These expenditures include the website and the systems that support enrollment through the Marketplace, such as the data services hub as well as other supporting IT infrastructure, including cloud computing, to support Marketplace IT development.”
And that’s just through February. By the end of the year, spending is expected to rise to over $1 billion.
“The president’s budget reflects a need for approximately $200 million for all Marketplace-related IT in FY 2015, some of which is funded through user fees,” she continued. Much of this amount reflects ongoing operational and maintenance costs of, as well as continued development.
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Wait a minute, . . . . wasn't this thing called the 'Affordable' Care Act?

Fascinating to see how this Administration defines 'Affordable', . . . isn't it? 

For a lousy E-Commerce website which Amazon and others can not only get right, but turn a profit at.

They should just try Amazon to see if Amazon will Sell them a working pkg for a few thousand bucks.

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