Saturday, May 3, 2014

BASTARDS! Veteran's Affairs Cancelled 1.5 Million Unresolved Requests For Appointments

Veteran's Affairs Cancelled 1.5 Million Unresolved Requests For Appointments
Just unconscionable.
[Ed; Thanks, but this goes Way beyond 'unconscionable'.]
Via WFB:
The Department of Veterans Affairs purged more than 1.5 million medical orders without ensuring patients received medical care, the Washington Examiner reports:
Since May 2013, veterans’ medical centers nationwide have been under pressure to clear out 2 million backlogged orders for patient care or services.
They were given wide latitude to cancel unfilled appointments more than 90 days old. By April 2014, the backlog of what the agency calls “unresolved consults” was down to about 450,000.
What happened to other 1.5 million appointments is something that no one, including top officials at the veterans’ agency, can answer.
A review by the Government Accountability Office of the process VA used to close old consult orders found that poor documentation in patient files and the lack of independent verification made it impossible to know whether patients got care they needed before their medical orders were canceled.
The VA is currently embroiled in scandal after news investigations revealed dozens of veterans, including 40 at a Phoenix VA hospital, died from delays in treatment.
The total number of veterans who have died from delayed treatment is unknown.
The VA released a fact-sheet in April showing 23 veterans had died nationwide from delayed gastrointestinal cancer screenings.
An investigation by the Center for Investigative Reporting found the VA has paid out $200 million for nearly 1,000 wrongful deaths since the 9/11 attacks.
Thank You WFB and Nickarama. 

The VA is not "Discretionary" Spending. The VA is not an EBT card. The VA is not SNAP (food stamps).

The VA is an integral part of the Veteran. It comes With the uniform and the Oath.

Our Veterans have been doing everything our Political Class has asked them to do since 1776.

And our VA/Political Class repays them with this.

This is not merely unconscionable.

When the people responsible for this outrage are conclusively identified and their culpability proven, they should, be kicked overseas with their 'so what' attitudes to be dumped into a king sized dose of real world front line firefight, . . . . except, . . . that their worse than reprehensible presences there would only get More of our Military injured and killed.

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