Friday, May 9, 2014

IRS Agrees To Turn Over ALL Lois Lerner Emails

IRS Agrees To Turn Over ALL Lois Lerner Emails

Not only crying, but she and others better start sweating…
Via Townhall:
IRS officials have agreed to turn over all emails belonging to former head of tax exempt groups Lois Lerner as the Congressional probe into improper targeting of conservative groups by the agency gets deeper. Earlier this week Republicans and Democrats in the House voted to hold Lerner in contempt after her repeated refusal to testify in front of Congress. Lerner has given closed door testimony to the Department of Justice, but plead the Fifth twice in front of the House Oversight Committee.

Thank You Townhall and Nickarama.

Given what we've already been subjected to by this Administration for the last 6 years;

we're taking a "Believe it when you See it happen", attitude, and even then believe only 10% of it. Remember what Congressman Issa got from Eric Holder's people when Issa demanded documents involving the Fast and Furious operation.

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