Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Obama Admin Threatens Indiana After State Drops Out Of Common Core

Obama Admin Threatens Indiana After State Drops Out Of Common Core

Thug tactics from a thug regime.
Via EAG News:
Indiana lawmakers recently voted to opt out of the “voluntary, state-led” Common Core public education experiment, and now they’re paying the price.
The Indiana Department of Education received a letter from federal officials last week threatening to revoke the state’s waiver from No Child Left Behind – reforms enacted under the Bush administration to improve public schools, reports.
In 2009, U.S. Department of Education officials offered states exemptions from the more stringent provisions of No Child Left Behind in exchange for adopting the Common Core national education standards. Officials in Indiana and numerous other states jumped at the opportunity to ditch the tough No Child Left Behind requirements and adopted Common Core instead.
Amid strong public backlash over Common Core, Indiana lawmakers recently scrapped the national standards and instead opted to devise their own college- and career-ready standards by July 1 for use next school year, according to
Then this letter came in the mail:
“IDOE (Indiana Department of Education) met ED (Department of Education) requirements in its approved ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act – also known as No Child Left Behind) flexibility request through the 2013-14 school year by adopting and implementing standards common to a significant number of states.
Thank You EAG and Zip. 

We've only hinted at the depths of Common Core's destructive potency here, . . . so go get a good snootful."common core")

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