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"Social Justice" Defined: Why You Don't Want It or Anything To Do With It.

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Social Justice


"Social Justice" is a code phrase of the left, which believes that such justice can only be achieved by the recognition that capitalism and the economic inequality it produces must be replaced by a "classless" society wherein all differences in wealth and property have been eliminated. The “Social Justice Movement” (quotation marks are necessary because its version of “justice” is political rather than lexical) is quintessentially deterministic, believing as a core principle that people are what they are because they were born into an inflexible social order.

The "Social Justice Movement" is at war with classical liberalism, which defines equality as the equality of all individuals before the law, irrespective of "class" or any other collective identity. In modern terms, the conflict between these two worldviews is similar to the conflict between “equality of opportunity” and “equality of outcome,” which can only be guaranteed and enforced by some structure of authority.

The "Social Justice Movement" endorses socialism as a means of redressing the alleged evils of capitalism and producing a programmatic equality that it acknowledges will be purchased at the price of individual liberty and require the manufacture of what totalitarian governments have called “the New Man.”

The RESOURCES column located on the right side of this page contains links to articles, essays, books, and videos that explore:

  • the tenets, worldview, and objectives of the "Social Justice Movement"; and
  • how the tenets of the "Social Justice Movement" are taught to America's schoolchildren. 
Here's more from Discover The Networks Resources page;

Social Justice: Code for Communism
By Barry Loberfeld
February 27, 2004

Social Justice: Not What You Think It Is
By Michael Novak
December 29, 2009

Affirmative Action, Negative Justice
By Barry Loberfeld
September 22, 2003

What Is Social Justice?
By Samuel Gregg
April 1, 2013

Social Justice Theory: A Solution in Search of a Problem
By David Rose
April 1, 2013

Defining Social Justice
By Michael Novak
December 2000

The Mysticism of "Social Justice"
By Thomas Sowell
June 27, 2012

Social Justice Is the State
By Eric Mack
April 1, 2013
Social Justice
By Dennis Prager

What Is Social Justice?
By Jonah Goldberg

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Ana said...

Great post!
thank you.

D Bunker said...

And it's not even ours! We just reposted some wisdom collected by David Horowitz.

Horowitz, you may already know, was raised by his parents as an American Communist. He kept asking questions of other Communists until it became plain to him that they couldn't answer those questions. Then he asked the same questions of history and set the answers against modern society, which horrified and enraged him.

It can be so frustrating to see people who have been ruined and made unspeakably miserable by Psychiatry, which at the end of the trail is nothing more than the brute force of the collectivist/Communist mind set, eagerly embrace Social Justice to Demand More of what it was that led them to ruin in the 1st place.

But then look at what Common Core Ed. is doing to children. It's intentionally Making them miserable by confusing the hell out of them, just to sell them off to Psychiatrists and Psychologists.

MORE Social Justice Special laws and protections? From the same Govt. (or that utterly useless and corrupt U.N.) that were broken wholesale against them for Corporatist/Fascist, Public/Private Partnersip money?

"But everything will turn out fine if we just get the Right People, OUR People, put in charge to tweak things, as Lawless Despots?"