Tuesday, April 8, 2014

California Senate Erases Website of Alleged Gun Running State Senator Leland Yee

via SF Examiner/AP
California Senate Erases Websites of 3 Lawmakers, Including Leland Yee

And from May of last year via CBS Sacramento;
California's actual Debt at least $848 Billion,; Could Pass $1.1 Trillion

And the Websites of California's 3 suspended/removed Dem Lawmakers were removed Why?

Just Who was it who Spent California into that bottomless pit of Debt? The State Legislature?

Next is a map of the Senate District represented by State Senator Leland Yee:

The University of California San Francisco Medical Center, or as We know them, Illuminati U., 
Dr. FG Lu Is An Illuminati: And Yes, He's Serious

is physically situated on Parnassus Ave just to the west of Stanyan Street: within Leland Yee's District. Leland was "Their Guy".

Here is California Senate District 08's home page:

Notice the ONLY thing advertised/linked through on their Sidebar: 
"Mental Health Resources, Education, Where To Get Help"

At Hospitals which don't exist.

SFMHB 06/13/07 (4)

Where they're selling What?

FDA Reported Adverse Reactions

California is How deep into the Debt Hole as it Continues to toss people out of the work force and onto America's Disability Roles?


In San Francisco, They're After EVERY Child

This, folks, is not what a Govt. Jobs Program looks like. This IS a Govt. Jobs Program, . . . whose Voice in the State Legislature just got himself arrested by the FBI.

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