Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Elijah Cummings Accuses Issa Of McCarthyism For Going After IRS Corruption

Elijah Cummings Accuses Issa Of McCarthyism For Going After IRS Corruption

You know, because McCarthy was so wrong about Hollywood being filled with communists.
Via Politico:
Rep. Elijah Cummings is pinning the McCarthyism label on Rep. Darrell Issa in the ongoing fight between the two Oversight Committee leaders about the IRS targeting scandal from last year. 
The Maryland Democrat who is the ranking member of Oversight has put together a report saying Issa is pulling from the playbook of the late Sen. Joe McCarthy, who waged an infamous witch hunt against alleged communists in the 1950s. 
As Issa, a California Republican and the Oversight chairman, pushes for former IRS official Lois Lerner to be held in contempt for invoking her Fifth Amendment rights not to testify before the committee, Cummings’s office is releasing research Wednesday showing the majority of the previous times Congress took such a step were during McCarthy’s investigations. 
“We oppose Chairman Issa’s efforts to recreate the Oversight Committee in Joe McCarthy’s image, and we reject his attempts to drag us back to that shameful era in which Congress tried to strip away the constitutional rights of American citizens under the bright lights of hearings that had nothing to do with responsible oversight and everything to do with the most dishonorable kind of partisan politics,” said the report for committee Democrats, which was released early to POLITICO Pro Tax.
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Thank You Politico and Zip. 

Did Someone say 'Communists'?

Why, . . . there ain't been no Communists around here in Ages, if there ever were to begin with.

Communism (19)

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