Tuesday, June 11, 2013

California's Other Senator, Boxer (D-for Dead People Delight Us) Pops Off: Mass Shootings Give Us "Wind At Our Back"

Never let an opportunity to stand on the bodies of dead children go to waste.

Barbara Boxer: Chairperson of the Senate Ethics Comittee 

(and you wonder why the Senate displays the Ethics it's been displaying)

"Every single time something like this happens it gives us wind at our back, and we're not going to forget about it."

There's a lot of things 'Happening' here that America shouldn't be 'Forgetting about'.

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And since we're all so social justice concerned about having the "Wind at our Back" to say nothing of having Sunshine blown up our skirts, . . . Right in, . . . wait a minute, . . . Where was that again?

Wasn't that Senator Boxer's esteemed colleague Senator Feinstein's very own home town?

Wasn't that Representative Pole Vaulter Pelosi's own Congressional District?

Wasn't that THE Perfect Psychiatric Petrie Dish, . . . San Francisco? Why Yes, we believe it Was.

San Francisco Govt: Hides Psych Gulags, Then Shows World Its "Ahh-em "Johnson"

You remember San Francisco don't you? Mental Health Ground Zero, where they're So Mentally Healthy, the Illuminati actually tried to make 2 Hospitals and Staffs, . . . disappear. 

'Mental Health' in San Francisco: Link Fest

But the Illuminati got Documented on his Seance Scienced Switcheroo.

US 18C47 Sec 1035 (5 years, that’s Felony)

And at the rate our current Regime in DC is Scandal Imploding, oh well, . . . . . 

Thank You Senator Boxer for confirming for us one and all, that you are Exactly who we knew you were, all along.

An Expert. An absolute Expert. 

Commie California's Net Worth Down To A Negative $127.2 Billion

OOPS, almost forgot, Don't miss This one, Senator Expert:


Senator "Wind at your Back".

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