Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Vets To Get Better (read MORE) Access To Mental Health Services: Bamboozled and Short Sheeted Again

This in NOT, we repeat NOT a plus. This is NOT a positive for our Veterans or our Nation.

Fierce Healthcare has;
Vets To Get Better Access To Mental Health Services
June 5, 2013 | By 

Who is behind this?
Who foisted ObamaCare on us?

Ms. MacDonald writes;

"The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is improving veterans' access to mental health services, hiring 1,600 mental health providers and 300 peer-to-peer veteran specialists, enhancing its crisis hotline capacity by 50 percent and setting up 24 pilot projects in nine states. President Barack Obama announced the additional resources this week at the National Conference of Mental Health. The VA is directing 151 of its healthcare centers across the country to conduct mental health summits with community partners, including local government officials, community-based organizations and veteran service organizations." Article

Thank You Fierce Healthcare and Ms. MacDonald

Mental Health drugs cause Violence, and here's our CINC's response to opening up and examining that can of worms:

MadInAmerica for;

White House Blocks Petition Seeking Investigation Into Psychiatric Drugs and Violence.

December 20, 2012

"A petition on the White House web site which calls for an investigation into the link between psychiatric medication and violence has been blocked after a week (out of the month allotted) in which it had garnered 6,635 of the 25,000 signatures needed. A videotaped response by President Obama, addressing issues of gun control, school safety, and mental health care (but not medication) has been placed on the petition’s page."

For people Without a Pharma University purchased Work License, 
they create nothing but Disability, Chronic Diseases, and early Death.
Look at the last wave of proposed attacks on the 2nd Amendment Rights of our Veterans.
See The Washington Times;
But then, that was to be expected from Senator "Turn them all in Mr. and Mrs. America" I wanna complete Police State, Feinstein.

To our Vets, Thank You for your Service, and make sure you know What you're getting into before you let Anyone 'Diagnose' you.
This blog cannot and does not offer you medical or legal advise, . . . BUT;
if you Want an SSDI check and a time release Lobotomy in trade for your Constitutional Rights, well, then what's being offered you, is what it is.
In the web site of the US AirForce article, Obama's selling it as suicide prevention.
Here's what's on the Suicide Prevention menu:
Risperdal, and/or other psychotropic drugs of the same class.
This startling revelation WAS, until recently, on years of FDA Risperdal labels.

"Suicide attempt was associated with discontinuation in 1.2% of RISPERDAL®-treated patients 
compared to 0.6% of placebo patients,"

A 100% Increase in Suicide Attempts, and that was the Best the manufacturer could buy from the FDA. 

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