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San Francisco Govt: Hides Psych Gulags, Then Shows World Its, Ahh-hem, "Johnson"

SF Gate has;
The Healthy Penis Comes Out Of Retirement
Posted By: Heather Knight ( Email ) Apr 22 at 4:36 pm

San Francisco may have banned the exposure of genitalia, but that’s not stopping the Department of Public Health from bringing back its giant Healthy Penis. Yes, the beloved six-foot-tall mascot for safe sex is literally coming out of the closet and will be back at parades and other city events – and this time he comes with free penis-shaped stress toys!

The health department sparked some controversy when it debuted the three characters, all penises but in different hues, back in 2002. But the penis costumes – worn by health department staff and aimed at encouraging gay and bisexual men to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases – became popular and have been copied in San Jose and Cleveland.
The penises went into retirement in 2006, debuted again in 2009, and now are back for a third time to encourage men to get tested for STDs every six months. Those who do get tested will receive a Healthy Penis stress toy and a coupon that looks like a dollar bill – but, of course, with a Healthy Penis in place of George Washington. The coupons can be used for discounts, free coffee and other goodies at 25 local businesses.
Susan Philip, director of STD prevention and control services for the health department, said estimates of HIV incidents in San Francisco are declining – but that gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia are on the rise. That’s in large part, she said, because many men choose to have sex with people of the same HIV status as themselves to forgo using condoms. It means they’re not protecting themselves against a host of other STDs.
It’s a serious subject, but Philip said she hopes the funny, eye-catching campaign can bring some attention to the problem.
“It is a light hearted, fun way to talk about an important health issue,” she said. “It sticks with people.”
We’ll say.

Thank You SFGate and Ms Knight

Hmmm, This says a lot about what the SF Dept of Public Health uses to think with, Doesn’t it?

Supposed adults dressed in 6 foot tall penises with testicles down around their shins and wearing a happy face parade down the street in broad daylight celebrating a twice yearly penis check up to encourage the locals to get Oscar looked at in trade for ‘Penis Bucks’ redeemable for coffees and sundry.

Every Child in SF is incurably Sick in the Head, but every Penis in SF is going to be Healthy.

In San Francisco, They're After EVERY Child

Would Somebody in the US Senate Please ask Senator Machine Gun Kelly Feinstein just what the DPH in Her home town is doing on Other People’s Money the next time she pops off about rifles which Don’t fire one bit faster than the handgun almost Every police officer in America carries?

Would Somebody in the US Senate Please ask the National Institutes of Health why they’re tossing the Most Money going to Any public Institution to the goofy State University condemning the Thoughts and Moods in Sen. Feinstein’s (D-Hypocrite) hometown:

The Senator Feinstein whose married to the Head of the University of California Board of Regents.

Oh, uhh, Yeah, and about Senator Feinstein ever getting her own Senate Ethics Committee Investigation, . . . over this uhhh, Missing Psych Hospital thing?

SFMHB 06/13/07 (4)
Meet Barbara Boxer, California's Other Senator.

Would Somebody in the US Senate Please ask Sen. Feinstein why Her hometown Continues to get away with stuff like this, on Other People’s money, which we – meaning Government - Doesn’t Have?

Would Somebody in the US Senate Please ask Sen. Feinstein WHEN, since her hometown has More Psychiatrists per capita than any other city in America,

her home team Psychiatrists are going to actually Cure Jack beyond themselves and their co-medical work license purchasers?

Because with That level of Psychiatric Infestation, Sen. Feinstein’s Fiefdom ought to be an absolute shining example of economic prosperity through mental equipoise, rather than one of the biggest Public Money Sinkholes in America, while her entire State is $127.2 Billion in Debt,

and some of its Other Cities are filing for Bankruptcy.

And, Would Somebody in the US Senate Please ask Sen. Feinstein WHY the rest of America shouldn’t turn the 10th Amendment inside out and Kick Her Corrupt hometown, State University UCSF (22)and non-existent Psychiatric Prisons Out of America rather than continue to be Billed for their Antics.

You see folks, This, is “The Important Work We’re Doing” Director of SF Community Behavioral Health Services Dr. Robert P. Cabaj has spoken so emphatically of, which Must continue, with the Secret Fund set aside out of the Millionaire Tax called Proposition 63.

The Governor had basically said AB 2034 is a good program, but too bad. He didn't quite say it that way but that s what the message was. And he said we could use other funding sources, even the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA), and then we had been told that it would be illegal to use MHSA funds
"Kirsten Deichert, a Department of Mental Health spokeswoman, said the money released Wednesday was not intended to cover for the loss of AB 2034."
.... That it would be supplantation. There was a big struggle about this.
Well just about 30 minutes ago, we got a notice that there is a secret MHSA fund. What we ve been hoping for the last two weeks is that there s a secret fund of Mental Health Services Act dollars that haven't been expended yet that was under the administration of the Department of Mental Health, and they agreed to release $64 million of that to cover AB 2034 cuts.

Dressing up people in 6 foot tall penis costumes for a Parade, aimed at ‘Raising Awareness’ that free ‘Penis Dollars’ will be handed out in trade for a check up.

‘Mental Health’ at Psychiatry Ground Zero, it doesn’t get any ‘Mentally Healthier’ than this.

Every child Senator Feinstein’s ‘Researchers’ can catch in SF is ‘Mentally Ill’ for life - to feed Her hometown Scam - but her hometown DPH has money to put on a walking Penis Parade and hand out Penis Bucks.

We’d put these same questions to our Main Stream Media but, as points out, our MSM is busy with more important concerns: 
"Insulted by Romney's accusation of them doing Obama's bidding, enraged media demand immediate instructions from White House on how to respond.
DHS 'see something, say something' program scrapped due to overload of whistle-blowing tips about DHS and the Obama administration.” 
Like we said; SF’s Penis Parade tells you exactly where Senator Feinstein, Senator Boxer, and former House Speaker Pelosi’s hometown Bureaucrats are at.

It’s All about Them, and THEIR Penises, reprogramming everyone they can tag, bag, and lobotomize, . . 

But then what did you expect considering the Psychotherapeutic Uber-Garbage used to Do the actual re-programming, After or As the drugs are eating the Thought and Mood Criminal consumer down to the bone.

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